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  1. Draw Me Down


Draw me down to the water valley<br />
Quench my thirst and cleanse my soul<br />
Raise the waters and flood the land<br />
A new emerging world to behold<br />
<br />
I followed the road to the edge of the water<br />
Set the sail to float along<br />
Left my worries back on the shore<br />
Packed my memories to keep me warm<br />
<br />
Guide me through unchartered waters<br />
Float me down the unconscious stream<br />
Give me endurance and give me strength<br />
Give me the chance to live a dream<br />
<br />
Many times I ached to return<br />
To the old familiar ways<br />
Many times I cried and wailed my sorrows<br />
But I've moved to far along to return to yesterday<br />
<br />
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