Vocal Improvisation Network of Edmonton or Vocal Improvisation Nourishing Everyone gathers together singers to create spontaneous music works that will make your soul sing. Based on Circlesong singing we will work with structures and musical concepts (rhythm, melody, harmony, etc.) to develop skills needed to circlesing and improvise vocally with anyone or anything! We bring our improvisation into performances a few times per year. Performing is always optional and not a pre-requiste for joining the group.  

 V.I.N.E.  is thriving and growing. We are currently on a summer break but will likely have a couple summer drop-in sings and community gatherings.

Weekly classes on Wednesday evenings that continue throughout the year as well as weekend workshops for all levels of experience. We can also be found collaborating with others or putting on spontaneous gatherings. We typically sing at Westwood Unitarian 11135 65 Ave. The descriptions and details for each class are as follows:



Open for all voices and levels of experience but definitely for those who may be shy with their voice or want a little more time for developing skills like singing patterns, harmonies, rhythms and understanding the “roots” of Vocal Improvisation allowing you to spontaneously create music with others.



V.I.N.E. – Integrated Class 

This class is open to all voices. There will be some skill building and exercises but the main focus will be finding ways to sing together within different improvisation structures. If you are new to singing and improv it may be be better to start with Making Roots but that is not always the case with everyone so please speak with me if you have any questions whether this class if for you.



V.I.N.E. - Digging Deep 

This is for people who want to learn or refresh the fundamentals of Making Roots and are able to flow into the range of abilities of the Integrated Classes, creating a class from 7-10pm on Wednesdays 



V.I.N.E. Branching Out

For more experienced voices who have solid foundations in vocal technique, singing harmonies, rhythms and singing parts independently. We will “branch out” into other areas, like complex harmony, odd time signatures, soloing, chord changes and performance structures while deepening the roots of generous and compassionate singing in community.

We will be doing a special projects series this year.  Details to come soon!


Payment can be done by cash, cheque or email transfer

  As always, please do speak to me if finances are an issue. Scholarships are available. We sincerely would rather have you singing than not singing!

Thank you for your voices!
A heartfelt thanks for all who support V.I.N.E. with attendance, love and enthusiasm for all that
Vocal Improv has to offer!  

Please contact Karen with any questions you may have.


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