Oh, the chance to make music is everywhere! Sadly not much in person these days!

V.I.N.E. is taking a break during this COVID time but may offering some online events soon. Visit the V.I.N.E Choir page for more information.

The Parkers are resting, Porkka Loops is looping from home...and  Whirldish is still whirling in my mind....so stayed tuned for more as each project evolves and expands into the creation of new and wonderful music.

My dedication and delight to gather people to sing has unfolded into a new kind of choir.

The Soul Song Circle Singers 
invites all voices to gather to raise our voices and connect our hearts with the glorious sounds of singing.  Bringing life sounds of Gospel, Mantra, Contemporary, Original and Spontaneous Sonic Devotions that honours the sacred soul and circle that connects all life. Songs are taught and sung that day by ear, no need to read music. Just show up, share your voice and shine in the love that is singing! Visit the Soul Song Circle Singers page for more information. We are online singing uplifting and inspiring songs.

To listen to what I do click my site wide player below to hear the various music samples of the different projects I am involved with then feel free to visit each page for a more details.  Enjoy!
...and as always CD's are available for The Parkers, d'Cana
and my original project 1st CD Butterfly Bridge

Copies can be downloaded from itunes, cdbaby or if you need to feel the real thing in your hand please contact me and I will send one where ever you are.
Thank you and have a beautiful day!