The Soul Song Circle Singers
 invites All Voices to gather and connect our hearts with the glorious sounds of singing.  

Part of the Ubuntu Choirs Network, the Soul Song Circle Singers sing songs from around the world that inspire, uplift and soothe the soul while honouring the circle that connects all life. Songs are taught and sung that day, by ear, no need to read music. Just show up, share your voice and shine in the love that is singing!

Contact me if you have any questions or wish to be added to the email list. You are also invited to join our


Hello Dear Singers and Friends!

Fall is here and choices of what and how to sing together are challenging but here we go. The SSCS will be offering several choices this fall; online, outdoor and indoor!

I N D O O R    S I N G I N G


I have decided to try and offer a session indoors for 5 weeks to see how we feel doing this together.  If all goes well we will continue with more. The Delta variant is quite the wild card so there will be fairly strong safety protocols put in place by myself and by the venue we will sing in. These are the minimum requirements that will be asked for us to observe.


  1. Masks will be worn indoors while singing and in public spaces.
  2. Physical distancing of 2 meters or more will be observed.
  3. Covid screening - we will not come to sing if we have any of the Covid symptoms. Plus we will agree to report back any positive Covid symptoms within 4 days of attending a singing session. 
  4. Only singers who are vaccinated can participate indoors. This will be held on the honour system.
  5. We will take a 15 minute break from the singing area mid session to allow aerosols to drop to the floor.
  6. We are not allowed to eat food but can drink from our own water bottles as needed to support our singing.
  7. Maximum of 30 singers 
  8. A waiver will be need to be signed that you understand all the risks while participating in singing indoors.


The SSCS Indoor Singing Series will run for 5 weeks

Tuesday, September 28 - October 26, 2021

 from 11:30-1pm

 at the Unitarian Church of Edmonton 

10804 119 St NW

Cost is sliding scale of $90 - $120


For those who have not been to this venue. It is a large space, with high ceilings and good ventilation which are some of the main reasons I feel comfortable singing in this space.

We will be singing some new material as well as some of our favorites. We will be singing for us and if things improve virus wise we will look at how to bring our singing to share with the community.

Please note we will need minimum 15-20 committed singers minimum to make it sonically and financially viable so please let me know by Sept 15th if you are intending to come sing indoors.

Also please do not send money until the session is confirmed to run. Thank you.


O U T D O O R    S I N G I N G


I still have a desire to sing outdoors as long as weather holds and when my back improves.  This will be open to all voices. At the moment masks will be optional but physical distance will be observed.  Right now they will be occasional events.  I will keep you posted as soon as I am able to organize an event.


O N L I N E     S I N G I N G


For those who wish to continue online singing we will continue Monday evenings from 7-8:15pm MDT for a 10 week session starting September 27 until Dec 6 (no singing on Thanksgiving October 11)


Cost is sliding scale $150-$200


Please Register on Zoom and on my website 

Payment can be made via etransfer to





No one turned away due to lack of funds. Contact me if you are interested in accessing the SSCS Scholarship fund.

 cash or cheques accepted with cheques payable to Karen Porkka

(please contact to make arrangements for these methods of payment not online)






 Please don't pay for the indoor session yet we will do that the week of the 28th.