Private Lessons

 It is great pleasure that I get to work one on one with people wanting to add music to their lives.  Whether you are planning a career in music, prepping for auditions, refresh skills or starting from stratch, I will work with you to find a way for music to work for you.  I teach mainly voice (all levels) with a focus on contemporary and jazz but do offer practical piano skills, theory, songwriting and improvisation (any instrument).

I am on a semi-sabbatical and am not currently teaching lessons at this moment. But will likely return when COVID is better under control.
Lessons typically are 30min, 45min or 60 minutes. Please contact me for current rates.
I also offer 2 scholarships
Students can apply for a scholarship for a 3 month period once every year.

• Intensive Study Scholarship

This scholarship is intended for those who are working to make music more prominent in their lives. It could be to help develop a career in music, to prepare an applicaiton for a post secondary music program or just wanting to improve skills to make music more accessible and enjoyable. Realistic goals will be set by the student and myself which we will review each week. Practice time will be set aside by the student with a minimum of 5 hours of practice per week not including lesson time. Students can either choose to have their regular weekly lesson discounted 50% or double the instruction time for the same price.

• Financial Assistance Scholarship

This scholarship is intended for people with lower incomes who find paying for lessons to be a challenge each month. It will be given on the honor system.